Rough Dressing Rake for Buffing Wheels

High quality dressing tool

Cotton & Sisal Polishing Discs

Lacquered beech

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With the coarse dressing brushes from EICKELIT, all types of polishing discs can be effortlessly prepared for polishing. Professionals appreciate the high-quality design of these dressing tools, especially when dressing frequently on the polishing stand and when reprocessing contaminated polishing wheels.

The EICKELIT dressing brush has over 80 sharp-edged Torx steel screws that are firmly connected to a solid handle made from a high-quality, lacquered 12-layer beech plywood board. Due to the large number of sharp edges, the microfibers of the cotton or sisal fabric are released quickly and effectively and thus ensure that the polishing pastes are optimally absorbed on the contact surface of the polishing discs.

Thanks to their very high quality craftsmanship, the EICKELIT dressing brushes are extremely durable and maintenance-free. Their stability and ergonomic reach ensure maximum work safety when dressing all wheel diameters.

Trimming Cotton Buffing Wheels

  • Careful preparation of the buffing / polishing tool is a prerequisite for an optimal surface result. Please follow our recommendations for trimming cotton buffing wheels
  • Used buffing discs should also be dressed again on a regular basis. This is especially true if residues of polishing paste have solidified on the working surface or the buffing wheels are heavily contaminated with material abrasion

Protective Equipment when Polishing

When grinding and polishing, the work equipment used creates considerable health risks. It is therefore compulsory to wear suitable personal protective equipment for work safety when grinding and polishing. In particular, all rotating polishing and brushing tools may only be operated with suitable covers for reasons of occupational safety.

ISO 7010 M013 Wear eye / face protection

Wear eye / face protection

The fine dust emanating from polishing is harmful to the eyes. Flying parts can cause serious injuries to the face and eyes.

ISO 7010 M017 Wear respiratory protection

Wear respiratory protection

Fine dust contaminated with heavy metals and respirable, which can only be retained with suitable respiratory protection, is produced during polishing.

ISO 7010 M010 Wear protective clothing

Wear protective clothing

Flying parts can cause sensitive injuries all over the body.

ISO 7010 M009 Wear gloves

Wear gloves

In general, gloves should be worn when grinding and polishing. If there is a risk of being wound up (e.g. drills, processing small parts, etc.), gloves may be prohibited on the basis of a risk assessment.

ISO 7010 M003 Wear ear protection

Wear ear protection

Due to the noise exposure during grinding and polishing, it is necessary to wear suitable hearing protection on a regular basis.

Dressing of sisal polishing tools

  • Careful preparation of the polishing tool is a prerequisite for an optimal polishing result. Please follow our recommendations for dressing sisal polishing tools
  • Used polishing tools should also be dressed again on a regular basis. This applies in particular if residues of polishing paste have solidified or the polishing tools are heavily contaminated with material abrasion.