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EICKELIT is a leading specialist in professional polishing of fine products. Because our buffing discs are the result of our decades of experience in the limitless world of premium surfaces. For ambitious users, EICKELIT is therefore the first address when it comes to designing sophisticated optics and structures.

EICKELIT Buffing Tools: as Individual as your Project

Our online shop provides you with a wide range of constantly available and individually configurable, first-class grinding, polishing and buffing tools:

Top Safety, Top Quality, Top Efficiency

Thanks to our customer proximity, we have been successful as an independent family company for over 90 years. That is why EICKELIT is now one of the top addresses when it comes to individual solutions to reach noble appearances through polishing and buffing

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EICKELIT Buffing and Polishing Tools

Welcome to EICKELIT buffing and polishing tools for professional surface finishing! Our web-shop allows you to easily benefit from our unique know-how of more than 90 years in the industry. You can now select and order your specific polishing wheel from our tried and tested surface processing tools in their almost limitless variety. Our technical center and factory is based in Bielefeld/Germany plus we supply distributors located throughout Europe dedicated to providing high quality solutions for the metal working professional.

Customized Polishing Tools for Individual High-End Surfaces

With our large range of products for polishing or buffing, you will quickly find the right polishing disc or buffing wheel for your demanding projects with us. Please either choose your buffing disc from our immediately available standard range. Or configure an individual polishing or buffing tool according to your specific requirements. We will then manufacture the tool you have specified at short notice according to the tried and tested high quality standards in our manufacturing site in Bielefeld/Germany.

Over 90 Years Experience in Surface Technology

In addition to providing ‘off the shelf’ and custom-made polishing and buffing solutions we know that sometimes additional support is needed. Whatever your question, we are here to help. Whether it is just a quick phone call or assisting on site with production trials. Also, our network of distributors are ready to provide immediate support, backed up by EICKELIT when required.

Proven Safety, Premium Quality and Outstanding Customer Support

At EICKELIT we work hard to fulfill your expectations by ensuring excellent customer service. Should you thus have any questions or need our help with the technical implementation of one of your surface finishing projects, we will be happy to support you with our technical advice and action. Please do not hesitate contacting us. We are here for you and look forward to hearing from you!