Trimming of Sisal Cut-Buffing Wheels

Careful preparation of the cut-buffing wheels is a prerequisite for an optimal polishing result. Please follow our recommendations for trimming sisal polishing discs:

  1. In the first step, the work surface and the edges of the polishing wheel are intensively roughened with a dressing brush or a nail board. The aim is to untangle the yarns of the sisal fabric and at the same time to round the work surface of the disc.
  2. Then carefully cut off the remaining tissue and thread protruding from the polishing surface with a scraper or scissors. The optimally dressed sisal polishing disc has a fiber velor with a thickness of approx. 5 mm on its work surface and is therefore optimally prepared for polishing.

Used sisal polishing discs should also be dressed again on a regular basis. This is especially true

  • if sisal polishing discs are to be used again after a long period of storage
  • if residues of polishing paste have solidified in the sisal polishing disc
  • if the sisal polishing discs are heavily contaminated with material abrasion.

Please watch our tutorial video about dressing polishing discs: