Cotton Fabrics Precisely Matched to Buffing

Cotton consists of fibers of long, crystalline cellulose polymers that bind large amounts of water. In addition to high tear resistance, this ensures the characteristically high heat capacity of cotton fabrics. The resulting extraordinary cooling effect of natural fibers is far superior to that of synthetic fibers. In addition, the natural material remains dimensionally stable even when it is very hot, and only decomposes above 210 ° C without releasing any toxic or environmentally harmful residues.

Thanks to these excellent physico-chemical properties, cotton with its natural fibers is ideal for buffing metals, plastics and paints.

EICKELIT cotton fabric varieties

Our portfolio of cotton fabric qualities are precisely matched to a large variety of buffing applications.

(Stage 1 = Firm → Stage 10 = Soft)

Cotton Fabrics Precisely Matched to Buffing