Sisal-Cotton Ventilating Wheel SB-4 | 450 mm

Ventilating Pre Polishing Wheel

Diameter 450 mm

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SISAL-Cotton SB-4 Ventilating Disc | 450 mm

EICKELIT SB-4 sisal nettle ventilating wheels are universal pre-polishing discs for effective surface smoothing of steel and non-ferrous metals on the polishing stand. With their folds, they have a cooling effect and are more flexible compared to SB-VR polishing discs. In contrast to more aggressive pure sisal discs, sisal cotton compound polishing discs are less abrasive and provide fine grinding and pre-polishing in just one operation. SB-4 pre-polishing discs provide matte to satin finishes. These are ideally suited for subsequent polishing steps up to a high gloss, but are widely further processed without additional surface finishing steps.


  • Four layers of sisal fabric sewn tightly with cotton on both sides and secured with a steel ring
  • Security stitching to a phenolic resin-reinforced hardboard core
  • Individually calibrated for low-vibration concentricity and a smooth polishing finish
  • Diameter 450 mm, thickness (core) approx. 25 mm
  • Freely selectable bores 10 - 65 mm
  • Polishing tool for the stationary polishing stand
  • Vmax = 45 m/s, Umax = 1,900 min-1


Sisal comes from global cultivation areas and is obtained from specific agave species. Sisal fibers are particularly resistant to physical and chemical influences. In addition, sisal is characterized by high toughness, tensile strength and high rigidity at the same time. This is why polishing tools made of sisal are particularly suitable for pre-polishing metals and especially steel.

We use a particularly long-fiber sisal with a dense plain weave for these EICKELIT sisal-nettle composite polishing tools SB-4. The fabric is first rotated at a 45° angle to the weaving direction and then covered with a light cotton nettle on both sides. These layers are then connected to each other with a fine cotton yarn at a seam distance of approx. 10 mm. From this carefully manufactured sisal-nettle composite we then produce our diverse variants of the EICKELIT SB-X polishing tools.


  • We manufacture your desired bore individually for you and thus cover every bore diameter known to us for standard industrial polishing machines *
  • If you need other bore diameters or special adapters (e.g. for hexagonal shafts, with keyways, etc.), we will be happy to produce them on request **

* Polishing discs drilled individually at the customer's request are non-prefabricated goods and cannot be exchanged or returned (Terms of Revocation)

** Observe safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Areas of Application

  • Fine grinding / cut buffing of all non-ferrous metals, steel and inox
  • Machine preparation of steel for galvanic surface refinement 
  • Mechanical surface treatment of machine knives and precision parts
  • For cut buffing with SB-4 buffing discs, we recommend medium to strong-cut polishing compounds with approx. Grit 240 for non-ferrous metals and approx. Grit 280 for steel / Inox
  • Cutting speeds approx. 25-45 m / s

Cut-Buffing Tools Selection

SI-W-PK SB-VR SB-4 SB-3 SB-XL Sisal-Cord
Attack SI-W-PK5 SB-VR3 SB-43 SB-33 SB-L3 Cord5
Flexi­bility SI-W-PK1 SB-VR1 SB-43 SB-32 SB-L4 Cord5
Cooling SI-W-PK1 SB-VR1 SB-43 SB-35 SB-L5 Cord4

Please select the type of cutting disc that best suits your polishing project from the above table (5 = "more" → 1 = "less")

Dressing of sisal polishing tools

  • Careful preparation of the polishing tool is a prerequisite for an optimal polishing result. Please follow our recommendations for dressing sisal polishing tools
  • Used polishing tools should also be dressed again on a regular basis. This applies in particular if residues of polishing paste have solidified or the polishing tools are heavily contaminated with material abrasion.

General Information on Polishing