Cut-Buffing Wheel SB-XL | Pleated Sisal-Cotton | Impregnated

Sisal-Cotton Pleated

Ø 230 mm - 600 mm

Thickness: 18 – 50 mm

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Sisal-Cotton Pleated Cut-Buffing Wheel SB-XL

The special SB-XL pleated buffing wheels are made from very resistant sisal-cotton fabrics which are especially suited for rough cut-buffing of demanding surfaces such as stainless steel or hard chromium plated work pieces. Even at high contact pressures, this disc provides sufficient flexibility to effectively work on surfaces with complex shapes. Due to their strong cooling effect, cut-buffing wheels with SB-XL pleats deliver very homogeneous surfaces and assure high productivity.

Product Features

  • Cotton covered sisal fabric, both fabrics with 45° biased weave
  • Pleated layers with very large pleats fixed to a resin reinforced cardbord core with safety staples
  • Calibrated for low-vibration concentricity
  • Diameters 230 - 600 mm
  • Configurable widths from 18 mm (2 ply) to 50 mm (6 ply)
  • Bore hole diameters 20 - 60 mm


The EICKELIT impregnation system allows an individual optimization of the service life, aggressiveness and absorption capacity of grinding and polishing pastes.
Please use the following table to select the most suitable impregnation for your application:


Tabelle Imprägnierungssystem


Sisal is obtained from specific agave species in global cultivation areas. Similar to other natural fibers, sisal fibers are very resistant to physical and chemical stresses. In addition, sisal is very tough, has high tensile strength and is also characterized by its high rigidity. This is why sisal is particularly suitable for polishing and coarse cut-buffing of metals and especially steel.

Sisal-Cotton Composite

Our sisal-cotton composites consist of sisal fabric with a dense, diagonally biased plain weave. The sisal fabric is covered on both sides with light raw cotton fabric and stitched together with fine cotton threads at a seam distance of approx. 10 mm. The resulting firm sisal-cotton composite material is then further processed into the variants of the EICKELIT SB-X cut-buffing tools.


VR Zeichnung
  • SB-XL Dimension Table
  • * Observe safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Bore Holes

  • We manufacture your desired bore individually for you. We cover every known bore diameter for industrial polishing machines *
  • If you need other bore diameters or special adapters (e.g. for hexagonal shafts, with keyways, etc.), we will be happy to manufacture them on request **

* Polishing discs drilled individually at the customer's request are excluded from exchange or return in accordance with our Terms of Cancellation.

** Observe safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Areas of Application

  • Fine grinding / cut buffing of all non-ferrous metals, steel and inox
  • Machine preparation of steel for galvanic surface refinement 
  • Mechanical surface treatment of machine knives and precision parts
  • For cut buffing with SB-L buffing discs, we recommend medium to strong-cut polishing compounds with approx. Grit 240 for non-ferrous metals and approx. Grit 280 for steel / Inox
  • Cutting speeds approx. 25-40 m / s

Cut-Buffing Tools Selection

SI-W-PK SB-VR SB-4 SB-3 SB-XL Sisal-Cord
Attack SI-W-PK5 SB-VR3 SB-43 SB-33 SB-L3 Cord5
Flexi­bility SI-W-PK1 SB-VR1 SB-43 SB-32 SB-L4 Cord5
Cooling SI-W-PK1 SB-VR1 SB-43 SB-35 SB-L5 Cord4

Please select the type of cutting disc that best suits your polishing project from the above table (5 = "more" → 1 = "less")

General Information on Polishing