Corrugated Sisal-Cotton | Furniture Edge Processing | 160 x 50 mm

Material: Sisal / Cotton Mix

160 x 50 mm

Furniture Edge Processing

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The innovative EICKELIT NE-SI-NE polishing disc is particularly suitable for machine processing of furniture edges. The corrugated NE-SI-NE layers gently polish edges and efficiently remove stubborn adhesive residue.

The disc consists of alternating layers of sisal and cotton fabrics twisted at 45°. This creates a quick change between the absorbent cotton material and the abrasive sisal material on the surface when working on laminated furniture edges. Both materials have an optimal effect on the edge area to effectively remove adhesive residue and gently smooth the edge - for perfect furniture edges. Thanks to high-quality natural raw materials from EICKELIT, these corrugated specialty discs have a long service life and low consumption of dissolving aids.

As a result, these discs support the optimization of your manufacturing process for the highest quality of your furniture.

Product features

  • Corrugated trim made of 2 x 5 layers of raw cotton nettle and 2 layers of sisal fabric, with 45° bias
  • Individually calibrated for low-vibration concentricity and a trouble-free polishing pattern
  • Diameter 160 mm
  • Bore 50 mm
  • ´
  • Thickness approx. 25 mm