Special Lamellar Disc | Furniture Edges Processing

Material: Cotton/Sisal/Polyester-Microfiber-Fleece

Ø 150 mm - 250 mm

Thickness ca. 30 mm

Weight: kg
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2-3 Weeks *
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WOK is an innovative product for the furniture processing industry. Our WOK discs are used for gentle edge processing without the use of chemicals or solvents. Our special materials made of synthetic and natural fiber fabrics are arranged as slats and at the same time have a polishing, cleaning and smoothing effect on the edges to be processed.

EICKELIT WOK discs enable edges of the highest quality at low costs thanks to their long service life and reduced consumption of tools. Thanks to the variety of possible dimensions and bores offered by EICKELIT, our WOK discs are suitable for use on all common edge processing machines.