Shank Tool "Pre-polishing" | Sisal Nettle | 50 mm

Sisal-Cotton SB-VR

Diameter: 50 x 6 mm Shank

Thickness: 25 mm

Weight: kg
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Shank Tool Sisal Nettle | 50 mm

SB-VR cut-buffing discs consist of a manifold of sisal sheets, each covered with cotton on both sides. Compared to the grinding work of pure sisal, sisal-cotton tools additionally display a surface smoothing effect due to the cotton inserts. Moreover, compared to other SB polishing discs, SB-VR polishing tools allow the highest counter pressure for improved effectiveness. As a result, SB-VR deliver matt to silky glossy surfaces, which in industrial practice are often further processed without requiring additional finish-buffing.

Our shank tools are miniature versions of the tried and tested EICKELIT designs. They complement the buffing process when it comes to the precise cut-buffing and finishing, particularly of surfaces with complex geometries.


  • Shaft tool with 10 plies made of dense cotton covered sisal fabric, both fabrics with 45° biased weave
  • Concentric quilted circles made of natural linen machine thread, which wears off during the polishing process without leaving any residue
  • Diameter 50 mm, width ca. 25 mm
  • Shaft diameter 6 mm, cast with thermosetting synthetic resin compound
  • Vmax = 30 m/s, Umax = 11,500 min-1


Sisal is obtained from specific agave species in global cultivation areas. Similar to other natural fibers, sisal fibers are very resistant to physical and chemical stresses. In addition, sisal is very tough, has high tensile strength and is also characterized by its high rigidity. This is why sisal is particularly suitable for polishing and coarse cut-buffing of metals and especially steel.

Our sisal-cotton composites consist of sisal fabric with a dense, diagonally biased plain weave. The sisal fabric is covered on both sides with light raw cotton fabric and stitched together with fine cotton threads at a seam distance of approx. 10 mm. The resulting firm sisal-cotton composite material is then further processed into the variants of the EICKELIT SB-X cut-buffing tools.