Menzerna 480W | Finish Compound | Brass, Copper, Bronze

Finishing on Brass & Non-Ferrous Metals

Colour: Beige | Grease Content: Medium

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Menzerna 480W high-gloss finish polishing compound

Menzerna 480W is a high-gloss finish compound that was specially developed for the professional polishing of brass. It produces a beautiful, deep high gloss and is therefore the preferred choice for polishing musical instrument manufacture, brass door furniture and saddlery trades. 480W is also well suited for other non-ferrous metals such as copper or aluminum and can also be used for high-gloss polishing of plastic surfaces.

Product features

  • High-gloss compound specially developed for professional use on brass. Suitable for non-ferrous metals and plastic
  • Especially for the use on automatic polishing machines
  • Quickly creates a high gloss with a particularly beautiful surface appearance
  • Processing with medium-strength to soft cotton polishing discs