Impregnation for Cut-Buffing Wheels

Impregnation for Cut-Buffing Wheels

Based on our application know-how, we have developed an impregnation system that is unique on the market. It is particularly suitable for sisal cut-buffing wheels, for sisal cord pre polishing brushes, or for Tampico-Fibre cutting brushes. On special request we also manufacture cotton polishing discs with our specialized impregnation.

For impregnated cut-buffing wheels, we use aqueous microsuspensions of special polymers developed for our applications. During impregnation, the microfine polymer particles penetrate deep into the natural fibre fabric of the polishing wheel. This creates a firm bond between the polymer and the natural fibre fabric during subsequent drying, which leads to a specific plasticity and tackiness depending on the type of the selected impregnation.

The impregnation makes the natural fibres of the polishing wheel considerably more resistant to mechanical and thermal loads compared to the untreated product. Impregnated polishing and cutting discs have a considerably increased durability compared to standard polishing materials, especially under heavy use.

Impregnated cutting discs - high efficiency, long service life, low polishing compound consumption

Impregnated cut-buffing wheels therefore have a higher strength compared to the untreated tools and can therefore be loaded with higher contact pressure. Consequently, impregnation improves the effectiveness and at the same time the service life of the cutting discs for heavy duty work. In addition, impregnation generally ensures lower consumption of polishing compounds.

In conclusion, our EICKELIT impregnation system allows individual optimisation of the service life, aggressiveness and absorption capacity of grinding and polishing compounds.

Please use the following table to select the most suitable impregnation for your applications:

Impregnation Stages Properties Application
ImpregnationGreen Stages1 Propertiessupple / non-smearing ApplicationNon-ferrous metals
ImpregnationViolet Stages1 Propertieselastic / sticky ApplicationUniversal
ImpregnationBlue Stages1-3 Propertiesvery soft -> soft ApplicationAluminium
ImpregnationRed Stages1-3 Propertiessoft -> medium-hard ApplicationUniversal
ImpregnationYellow Stages1-3 Propertiesmedium-hard -> hard ApplicationSteel / Stainless steel
ImpregnationWhite Stages1-3 Propertiesvery hard -> extra aggressive ApplicationStainless steel / titanium