Tampico Fiber Cut Buffing Brush

Material: Tampico Fibre

Ø 100 – 500 mm

Thickness: 20 - 50 mm

Weight: kg
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Tampico Polishing Brush Mexico Fibre

Mexico fiber (trade name: "Tampico-Fiber") is a natural fiber made from the leaves of some agave species cultivated exclusively in the Mexican highlands. The fibers are very resistant to chemical and physical loads without losing their abrasive and at the same time elastic properties. Therefore, polishing tools made from Mexico fiber are ideal for industrial fine grinding, matting and satin finishing in the metal and wood industry. Precondition for an optimal polishing result are very careful processing, the choice of material and the closest possible number of bristles.

Product Features

  • Cut-buffing brush with particularly dense mounted bristles, made of first quality Tampico fiber
  • Individually calibrated for low-vibration concentricity
  • Diameters 100 - 600 mm
  • Configurable width 15 - 55 mm
  • Bore holes 10 - 60 mm

Tampico Fiber / Ixtl

Tampico Fiber (named after the port city of Tampico in Mexico) is a yellow natural fiber from the leaves of agave species that are cultivated exclusively in the Mexican highlands. Due to the water bound in them, Mexicofibre fibers are extraordinarily elastic and at the same time extremely resistant to extreme chemical and physical influences. This makes Mexicofibre an excellent raw material for the production of brushes that can withstand extreme loads, e.g. B. are exposed during polishing.


VR Zeichnung
  • VR Tabelle Klein
  • * Observe safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Bore Holes

  • We manufacture your desired bore individually for you. We cover every known bore diameter for industrial polishing machines *
  • If you need other bore diameters or special adapters (e.g. for hexagonal shafts, with keyways, etc.), we will be happy to manufacture them on request **

* Polishing discs drilled individually at the customer's request are excluded from exchange or return in accordance with our Terms of Cancellation.

** Observe safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Areas of Application

  • Satin finishing of stainless steel (housewares, sinks, fittings, etc.)
  • Gentle removal of firmly adhering burn-offs from extruder shafts
  • Preparation of complex surface profiles for hard chrome plating
  • Smoothing, staining, and oiling of wooden surfaces