Polishing set "super-finish" aluminium | 4 parts for polishing stand | 300 mm

300 mm | Bore configurable

Contents: polishing discs | compounds

high-gloss | super-finish

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Aluminium super finish polishing set for the polishing stand | 300mm

Four-part super finish polishing set for aluminum especially for the polishing block or grinding block with mounting flange or conical thread. This polishing set reliably delivers the flawless mirror finish that is characteristic of aluminum on carefully pre-polished aluminum surfaces.

Product features

  • High-gloss polishing wheel Effecta N2550, diameter 300 mm with freely configurable bore
  • Super Finish Effecta FM230 polishing wheel, diameter 300 mm with freely configurable bore
  • Vmax = 40 m/s, Umax = 2,600 rpm
  • High-gloss polishing paste Menzerna 480BLF (approx .1.3kg)
  • Super Finish polishing paste Menzerna P175 (approx. 1 .35 kg)


  • Wear protective equipment and follow safety regulations!
  • Roughen the polishing discs before use using a suitable dressing tool
  • Wet rotating tool sparingly with polishing paste
  • Measure the pressure carefully! Too high contact pressure and/or too low speeds lead to overheating of the workpiece with uneven surfaces that can no longer be improved by polishing!

Step 1

  • The evenly pre-polished and cleaned surface in cross passes with the Effecta N2550 polishing wheel and Menzerna 480BLF at approx. 30-35 m/s (1,900 - 2,300 rpm) quickly polish to a high gloss
  • After polishing, the surface is cleaned with a dry, soft and lint-free cloth. If necessary, degrease the workpiece with a suitable solvent or Viennese lime

Step 2

  • The clean, high-gloss polished surface is achieved with the Effecta FM230 Super Finish polishing disc and Menzerna P175 at approx. 30-35 m/s (1,900 - 2,300 rpm) quickly in cross passes until the desired mirror finish is achieved
  • The Super Finish Paste P175 only leaves an invisible microfilm on the flawless surface. To protect this surface, one usually avoids mechanical cleaning after superfinishing