Polishing set "Gloss" copper & brass | 4 parts for angle grinder M14 | 250 mm

250 mm | 14 mm bore

Contents: polishing discs | compounds

cut-buffing | high-gloss

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Brass & Copper high-gloss polishing set for angle grinders | 250mm

Four-part high-gloss polishing set for Brass & Copper, especially for hand-held polishing machines or angle grinders with M14 mount. This polishing set reliably delivers the flawless high gloss characteristic of Brass & Copper on carefully ground Brass & Copper surfaces.

Product features

  • Pre-polishing disc sisal nettle SB-VR-10, diameter 250 mm x bore 14 mm
  • Vmax = 45 m/s, Umax = 3,400 rpm
  • high-gloss buffing wheel N2501, diameter 250 mm x bore 14 mm
  • Vmax = 40 m/s, Umax = 3,100 rpm
  • Pre-polishing paste "Heavy Cut" Menzerna 456G (approx. 1.2 kg)
  • Brass & Copper high-gloss polishing paste safety regulations!
  • Roughen the polishing discs before use with a suitable dressing tool
  • Wet rotating tool sparingly with polishing paste
  • Measure the pressure carefully! Too high contact pressure and/or too low speeds lead to overheating of the workpiece with uneven surfaces that can no longer be improved by polishing!

Step 1

  • The evenly sanded and cleaned surface crosswise with the SB-VR-10 sisal nettle pre-polishing disc together with Menzerna 456G quickly pre-polish at approx. 35-40 m/s (2,650 - 3,000 rpm) until the workpiece has an even, satin-matt surface without scratches or grooves
  • After polishing, clean the surface of abrasion and paste residues with a dry, soft and lint-free cloth. If necessary, degrease the workpiece with a suitable solvent or Viennese lime

Step 2