Polishing Buff KONSTANT | Cotton "Extra Firm" | 350 x 80.5 mm

Material: N24032

4 x 4 Plies

D x B: 350 x 80.5 mm

Weight: kg
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EICKELIT KONSTANT 4-4 type polishing discs are specifically designed to refine stainless steel and aluminium. Their pleated layers of pure cotton fabric provide a medium amount of pressure, yet can be bent to fit curved surfaces. Additionally, the folding design ensures maximum airflow for efficient cooling purposes.


  • Multiple layers of extra strong raw cotton fabric N24032, pleated in a Z-fold
  • Increased contact pressure with strong cooling effect
  • Pre-polishing on all metals
  • Diameter 350 mm / core thickness approx. 22 mm
  • Bore Hole: 80.5 mm
  • Calibrated for low-vibration work
  • Vmax = 40 m/s, Umax = 2,150 min-1


Our polishing discs are crafted exclusively from Oeko-Tex®-certified fabrics derived from unadulterated cotton. We meticulously choose only the purest cotton materials, ensuring no synthetic fibers are present. As a result, EIKELIT's polishing discs experience remarkably uniform wear and minimal dust generation. Our extensive collection is always readily available in stock.

N24032 is specifically designed for polishing mainly stainless steel and non-ferrous metals like aluminum. This highly durable raw cotton cretonne boasts an impressive weight of approximately 290 g/m².


KONSTANT: High-Performance Polishing Discs

Due to the pleated cotton fabric structure composed of multiple layers, KONSTANT polishing discs deliver powerful counterpressure. They have a firmer feel than EFFEKTA's high gloss soft folding disks, yet are softer in comparison with more stiffly structured full round blade buffing tools.

KONSTANT polishing discs are employed particularly for pre-polishing metals. Our extensive selection of varieties of cotton material renders them multipurpose buffing utensils.

KONSTANT polishing discs, with their Z-fold design, produce a potent air circulation that results in significant cooling during the polishing process. Owing to their arbitrary contact arrangement, KONSTANT polishing wheels facilitate remarkably uniform polish patterns on expansive surfaces and contoured workpieces.

General Information on Polishing

Trimming Cotton Buffing Wheels

  • Careful preparation of the buffing / polishing tool is a prerequisite for an optimal surface result. Please follow our recommendations for trimming cotton buffing wheels
  • Used buffing discs should also be dressed again on a regular basis. This is especially true if residues of polishing paste have solidified on the working surface or the buffing wheels are heavily contaminated with material abrasion