Air-Vent Shank-Tool | Gloss Cotton "Light" | 100 x 15 mm


Material: N2501

Diameter: 100 x 6 mm Shank

Thickness: ca. 15 mm

Weight: kg
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Air-vent Shaft tool high gloss polish | Cotton "Standard" | 100x15mm

This shank buffing tool is made from our standard N16 medium-strength cotton with a 45° twist weave. The folded layers create gentle ventilation, which ensures sufficient cooling when polishing sensitive surfaces.


  • Shaft tool made from 100% pure N2501 raw cotton fabric twisted by 45°
  • Diameter 100 mm, thickness approx. 15 mm
  • Mandrel with 6 mm diameter cast with duroplastic synthetic resin compound
  • Vmax = 30 m/s, Umax = 5,800 min-1

raw cotton fabric N2501

The N2501 denotes a fine fabric made of raw cotton in plain weave, which has a characteristic weight of approximately 150 g/m². Polishing wheels made of this material are used in particular for the efficient preparation of plastics and surfaces made of non-ferrous metals.