Polishing set "finish" Varnishes & Plastics | 2 parts for drill | 80 mm

80 mm | 6 mm shank

Contents: polishing disc | compound


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Polishing-kit for plastics and varnishes "high-gloss" | drills | 80mm

Polishing set for high-gloss polishing of hard-to-reach plastics or varnished components with a drill. The polishing set quickly delivers a clear high gloss and transparency on carefully pre-polished surfaces.

Product features

  • EFFEKTA FM230 shank tool, 80 x 6 mm
  • Vmax = 30 m/s, Umax = 7,200 rpm
  • High-gloss polishing compound Menzerna GW16 (approx. 1.3 kg)


  • Wear protective equipment and follow safety regulations!
  • Roughen the polishing wheel first with the help of a suitable dressing tool
  • Wet the rotating tool with the polishing paste
  • Polish the evenly pre-polished and clean surface quickly in cross-coats on lacquer and thermoset surfaces at approx. 20-25 m/s (4,900 - 6,200 rpm), on thermoplastic workpieces at approx. 10 -15 m/s (2,400 - 3,700 rpm) to a high gloss
  • Measure the pressure carefully! If the contact pressure is too high and/or the speed is too low, this can lead to an unsteady surface due to overheating of the workpiece
  • After polishing, clean the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth and, if necessary, degrease with a tenside solution