Sisal/Leather Combination Brush

8-Stranded Sisal Cords /

Leather Stripes

Ø 200 mm - 400 mm

Weight: kg
Incl. 19% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost
2-3 Weeks *
Item No.


Kordel Spezifikationszeichnung
  • Tabelle Kordel/Leder Scheiben
  • *Observe the safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Bore Holes

  • We manufacture your desired bore individually for you. We cover every known bore diameter for industrial polishing machines *
  • If you need other bore diameters or special adapters (e.g. for hexagonal shafts, with keyways, etc.), we will be happy to manufacture them on request **

* Polishing discs drilled individually at the customer's request are excluded from exchange or return in accordance with our Terms of Cancellation.

** Observe safety regulations for the minimum diameter of drive shafts!

Areas of Application

  • For polishing and cut-buffing on manual polishing machines or in robot systems
  • Rough prepolishing and cleaning of workpieces with complex geometries (edges, undercuts, corners, etc.)
  • Matting and satin finishing of steels and non-ferrous metals (fittings, profiles, etc.)
  • Large-scale polishing and cut-buffing of cast, tool and stainless steels (pots, sinks, machine knives, cast parts, etc.)
  • Edge processing in the furniture industry