Menzerna G52 | Premium Super-Finish | Plastics & Varnish

Super-Finish Compound | Plastics, Composites, Varnish

Colour: White | Grease Content: Medium

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Menzerna G52 Super Finish Polishing Paste

Menzerna G52 is a medium-fat premium super finish polishing compound for the highest demands when polishing plastics and paintwork to a high gloss. This colorless polishing paste is used in particular on light and white surfaces to prevent discoloration and is therefore particularly suitable for polishing keyboard keys. Together with the 100% seamless EICKELIT flannel polishing discs EFFEKTA-X1, G52 allows a perfect mirror finish with maximum brilliance.

Product features

  • Premium super finish polishing compound for a brilliant mirror finish
  • especially suitable for light-colored plastics
  • Weight: 1,300 g
  • Fat Content: Medium
  • Application together with ventilating flannel polishing discs
  • Materials: bright plastics, varnishes, composites

Application instructions plastic polish

The Menzerna plastic paste system is particularly suitable for use in automobile interiors, arts and crafts, picture frames, kitchens, boat and yacht construction, furniture, violin and piano construction.

  • Please polish at cutting speeds of 6 - 24m/s depending on the temperature sensitivity of the paint or plastic
  • An optimal surface quality after polishing can only be achieved with a carefully structured grinding and polishing process
  • Menzerna Premium Super-Finish Paste G52 creates maximum gloss, especially on plastics and paint
  • To avoid "orange peel" or matting/sinking of the surface, the work-pieces should be heated as little as possible during polishing