Polishing Paste Set Light Plastic | Prepolish / High Gloss / Superfinish | Menzerna GW18 / 495P / G52

Three-piece superfinish set | Bright plastic

  • Pre-polish GW18 | Beige
  • High gloss paste 495P | White
  • Superfinish Paste G52 | White
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The preparation of acrylic, lacquer and plastic surfaces to a high gloss level required a sequence of several consecutive polishing steps. A professional polish therefore requires an exact match between suitable polishing pastes and the corresponding polishing discs.

With this three-part superfinish polishing paste set especially for light-colored plastics and paints, you can effortlessly create a perfectly hologram-free mirror shine:


When processing paints and plastics, after sanding with P600, the first polishing step is carried out with the Heavy-Cut pre-polishing paste GW18. This paste, specially developed for plastics and paints, is characterized by a particularly cooling fat binding. GW18 enables quick and thorough removal of defects and grinding marks. The paint and plastic surfaces are optimally prepared with GW18 for high-gloss polishing with Menzerna 495P.

  • Quick removal of scratches on plastics and paints without generating too much heat
  • Special grease binding prevents paint and plastic surfaces from heating up too much
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Color: Beige
  • Use of solid cotton polishing discs, e.g. B. KONSTANT N189 or REX N2550


Menzerna 495P is a polishing paste specially developed for the high-gloss polishing of plastics and composite materials. This transparent paste is primarily used on light and white surfaces to avoid discoloration. It is particularly suitable for polishing piano keys. In combination with cotton polishing discs, it quickly ensures a beautiful and even shine. In addition, it can also be used on paint and stainless steel.

  • Finish polishing paste for a beautiful high shine, especially for light-colored plastics
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Fat content: medium-fat
  • Color: white
  • Application together with soft cotton polishing discs
  • Materials: light-colored plastics, plastic, composites, paints, stainless steel


Menzerna G52 is a high-quality polishing paste with a medium fat content that was specially developed for the high-gloss polishing of plastics and paints. This transparent paste is mainly used on light and white surfaces to avoid discoloration. It is therefore particularly suitable for polishing keyboard keys. In combination with the seamless EICKELIT Molton polishing discs EFFEKTA X1, G52 quickly ensures a perfect mirror image with the highest brilliance.

  • Premium super-finish polishing paste for a brilliant mirror shine | especially suitable for light-colored plastics
  • Weight: 1,300 g
  • Fat content: Medium
  • Color: white
  • Application together with ventilating Molton polishing discs
  • Materials: light plastics, paint composite materials